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Teacher Training

Core Collective Broad has brought me a tremendous amount of courage, strength, and friendships. CCB teacher training gave me so much comprehension and awareness but also the curiosity to continuously keep growing and retaining more, never becoming stagnant in my training. I am so thankful for this community and excited for what’s to come. 
- Kamryn Carmody, 2021

The training is led & directed by Jenna Goode, Nationally Certified Pilates teacher, with nearly 20 years of Pilates experience & over a decade as a studio owner. Jenna discovered Pilates in Charleston after earning her degree from the College of Charleston.  She studied at Southeastern Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy & certified as a personal trainer.  After deciding she wanted to dive deeper into this mindful movement method, she went on to start her Pilates training with Earthling Studio.  She completed her 700 hour comprehensive teacher training led by Ellie Herman in 2005. The rehabilitative aspects of functional movement for injury prevention, alignment & postural control are an important part of her class formats. She blends the therapeutic aspects of Pilates with the athletic to create challenging workouts suitable for clients of all ages & stages. Jenna enjoys a variety of methods of fitness but the principles of Pilates are her foundation.  She developed the JFG Pilates apprentice & teacher training program & founded Core Collective Broad. 


We have an amazing team of inspiring, thoughtful & knowledgeable teachers at CCB.  We welcome interest in becoming part of our growing community of teachers at Core Collective Broad including students who now teach in New York City and Chicago. Our training begins with the origins of Pilates including the principles & the history of this wonderful method developed by Joseph Pilates. We will learn the anatomy as it relates to Pilates & movement to grow your understanding of postural analysis, injury prevention & functional movement patterns. The program will include the Pilates Mat exercises as well as tools to create safe effective workouts while adhering to Joe’s principles & the fundamental concepts of his method. The innovative training program goes beyond the Mat & takes you into the resistance training with the Equipment  Modules to create for a comprehensive training program.  You will discover how the springs & other tools can help facilitate the mat exercises.  Our program is a dynamic approach to creating safe & effective workouts using a variety of props & tools to find new creative ways to build core strength & awareness to move better. 

Jenna Goode

Teacher trainee benefits include:

  • Local mentorship

  • Access to the studio for observation, self practice & student teaching

  • Discounted private sessions during the training period

  • Ongoing teacher development & workshops


Fitness, movement or wellness background preferred but not required.

‘Community’ is truly the best word to describe Core Collective, where you always feel welcome and supported. Having a background in healthcare, I was enamored with the holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle that the practice of pilates can provide to an individual. Pilates is full body movement, rehabilitative, restorative, therapeutic, strengthening, goal-orientated, and respectful. The CCB team offers an unparalleled dedication to the teacher training program, and am thankful that opportunity turned into reality! 
- Missy Lipe, 2021


Limited space available!

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"Every moment of your life can be the beginning of great things."

- Joseph Pilates

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