Jenna Goode - Founder

Jenna Goode, Core Collective Broad founder, is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, with 20 years of Pilates experience.
Owning a studio for over a decade Jenna has hand-selected her teachers to provide a unique experience that includes whole-body movement, breath, control & centering which translates into other forms of exercise, sports & daily life. 
with Jenna's team

Kelsey Carmody

Yoga & Pilates

Kelsey took her first yoga class on a whim & was immediately drawn in by the practice. She has always enjoyed fitness, but yoga brought a whole new element - mind and body connection. She completed her 200 hour certification at Asheville Yoga Center and started teaching with us shortly thereafter. After a year of teaching yoga and practicing Pilates, Kelsey decided to go through Pilates Teacher Training at CCB. She loves the way Pilates and Yoga complement each other and share that mind/body connection. She likes sharing the benefits of both movement practices with her students. Kelsey particularly enjoys teaching upbeat flows/formats that focus on staying connected to the breath while exploring different transitions and postures/exercises. Kelsey's students leave her classes feeling strong and encouraged. 

Jenna Goode


Jenna Goode, Core Collective Broad founder, is a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher, with nearly 20 years of Pilates experience & over a decade as a studio owner. Jenna discovered Pilates in Charleston after earning her degree from the College of Charleston. She studied at Southeastern Neuromuscular & Massage Therapy & certified as a personal trainer. After deciding she wanted to dive deeper into this mindful movement method, she went on to start her Pilates training with Earthling Studio. She completed her 700 hour comprehensive teacher training led by Ellie Herman in 2005. The rehabilitative aspects of functional movement for injury prevention, alignment & postural control are an important part of her class formats. She blends the therapeutic aspects of Pilates with the athletic to create challenging workouts suitable for clients of all ages & stages. Her passion for the Pilates method led her to develop the JFG Pilates comprehensive apprentice & teacher training program at Core Collective Broad.

Juli Hurdle 


Juli began her Pilates training in 2003 and completed a comprehensive 700-hour certification in 2005. She holds additional certifications in Above Barre, TRX and Trigger Point Therapy. Juli was drawn to Pilates because of its focus on alignment, breath and spinal health. Pilates became the perfect addition to Juli's active lifestyle of running and the daily demands of raising three boys. She believes that Pilates is the perfect foundation for any health and fitness regimen. Juli has worked with all ages and backgrounds and teaches a fun class with an emphasis on form and functional movement.

Megan McCusker


Megan is a professional ballet dancer and teacher who discovered the benefits of Pilates early in her dancing career. She has been practicing Pilates for over ten years and dancing for over twenty years. She earned her BFA in Dance from the University of Oklahoma. Megan completed her Mat Certification with the Physical Mind Institute in 2010. She later completed her Balanced Body Reformer Teacher Training with Balanced Body Nashville and completed her comprehensive Pilates teacher training with Core Collective Broad. She fell in love with Pilates because of its similarities to dance in the way it lengthens and strengthens the body while maintaining healthy alignment. 

Tamara Prince-Parrish


Tamara has been an active professional member of the arts community in Memphis, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Georgia for 17 years. Being in the world of professional dancer, choreographer/teacher has allowed Tamara many teaching and performance opportunities. Her Pilates certification includes a very comprehensive background in Mat, Reformer, Springboard, and TRX. Tamara is also a Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor with the National Physique Committee. She is also a personal trainer and an instructor at Kipp Collegiate High Memphis, the University of Memphis and is the artistic director of Bridging Souls Productions.  

Maggie Phillips


Maggie has practiced Pilates since 2006 - throughout 3 pregnancies, through multiple injuries and in great health. She loves how it can be tailored to fit wherever you are and can return you to health and balance. Maggie has taught fitness classes for many years and she loves that Pilates doesn't get easier, but that the work continues to challenge the body as it gets stronger. 

Kirsten Scheel


Kirsten has always loved to move whether it was sports as a kid or running as an adult - movement has always been a JOYFUL part of her life. An avid runner with over 10 years’ experience, she has run 9 marathons including Boston (2x). Her favorite race was the 2018 St. Jude Marathon where she placed 3rd overall. She has been an indoor cycling instructor for the past 3 years with over 450 hours of teaching experience and was thrilled to get to expand her teaching and movement knowledge in 2019 at Core through the Mat, Reformer, and Chair training programs.  She loves that Pilates is truly a mind-body, balanced practice. She's excited to be a part of the Core Collective team to help grow and challenge others with their mindful movement!

Cait Shores


Cait is a North Carolina native and Mom to 4 with an extensive and diverse exercise background. From competitive swimming as a child to rowing as a varsity collegiate athlete to running and weight lifting as a young adult, it wasn't until she found Pilates that she knew she'd found something she could do for life. Often times when we exercise we fail at strengthening all of the little supporting muscles. I love Pilates because it works ALL of the muscles I need for life while also encouraging the mind, body connection that's vital for health in so many other areas.'Cait discovered Pilates and its benefits nearly 20 years ago and has done Mat, Cadillac and Reformer based practice both here and across the pond in London, England where she lived for 8 years until moving to Memphis 18 months ago. Along with her years of Pilates experience Cait has degrees in Exercise Sports Science and Nursing. She's looking forward to pairing that extensive medical and anatomical knowledge with her Pilates training to create classes that burn and tone but also align and educate to keep you safe, healthy and strong!

If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30,

you are old. IF it is completely flexible at 60,

you are young. 

- Joseph Pilates